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About Us

Ena Restaurant chef and owner, Héctor Ruíz, has always been drawn to cooking. This passion can be traced back to his childhood when, within his family environment, he started to appreciate different spices and other ingredients of Latin American origin that have become a trademark of his cuisine. Later, he moved to Europe where he learned French-style cooking techniques, as part of his professional training.

In this way, by combining Latin American ingredients and French classic techniques, Héctor Ruíz manages to create a fusion cuisine that moves away from the conventional. The end result is quality dishes that surprise because of their color and aroma but, most of all, because they offer an experience rich in flavor and texture combinations.

We are located in South Minneapolis. We offer a warm, welcoming, pleasant atmosphere. Come dine with us for an unforgettable, delightful experience.

About Us
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Each dish is a creative expression that reflects chef Héctor Ruíz´s heritage and academic training; a fusion of Latin American ingredients and French techniques which results in suggestive and appetizing combinations.

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